Awshum Post (& Polls) ; The Sims 3 Supernatural, Polls and Sims Series.


I’m suuuuper excited!! In a couple of days I will be getting my third expansion pack for the Sims 3!! I will be getting The Sims 3 Supernatural, and it’s all I’ve been talking about for about a week – non stop!! I allready have The Sims 3 University Life, The Sims 3 Seasons and I’m so excited for my third one!! 

 For my YouTube channel, I will be doing a Sims 3 “Lets Play” and I need you’re help deciding some stuff!! But this time, I really DO need your responses this time!! You can respond on my polls, In the comments, on my YouTube channel, at my two emails (“ruthie-fruity@hotmail.com” or “therealkittykat@outlook.com”), facebook me or tweet me!!

   I’m going to post a written series on Sims (Supernatural Drama) an I allready have a lot of ideas!!

                        So, I hope you enjoyed this short post!!Make sure to follow me and Comment!!



Early/Late Post :p : Despicable Me 2 Premier*, New Series and School Shows/School Reports


I bet you’ve heard the “sorry this post is late” mushy stuff, so I’ll just get straight to this interesting bits of this post. 😀

I’m just home from Dublin, my mum, sister and I went to the premier of Despicable Me 2!! There were Cupcakes, balloons, giant minions, plant potting, sweets, balloon animals, face paintings, tea and coffee and Glenisk yoghurt!! After we received all our goodies, we went into The Point and watched the movie, it was fantastic and we enjoyed it very much and it was a great movie also.

The other day, I recorded a Minecraft Play-through and I’m planning to make it a series, it is currently being uploaded right now so you will probably be able to view tonight if not tomorrow morning. 🙂

On Thursday, my class did a school show in front of all the parents in the evening, and a couple of hours before that we did it in front of the whole school!!  Also recently I’ve received my school report!!

Anyway that’s all and I’m exhausted!! I might post tomorrow if I’m not sleeping half the day!



*This is not a sponsored post 😉

Wednesday &and Sunday Post…. On A Thursday??!! – The Sims, Minecraft, Reviews and Social Networking!


Ok,ok I’m late…… But it’s not my fault! My internet has been down so this post will make up for the two in this one awesome post!

So I was playing The Sims 3 University, this PC game that is very fun!! And the person I controll has a blog, too, called The Kitty Kat Diaries!! Just felt like I had to tell you! :3 So I have made a skin for my minecraft person (skin = what I look like in Minecraft.) and it is a French lady and I’m pretty proud!! {:D>

Also I figured I needed to start doing more reviews, and if that suits, then go ahead and tell me what you would like me to review!! I was thinking maybe you could recommend some books and I’ll read and review them for you guys!! 🙂 Also I could do a ” Manga For Beginners ” kind of thing.

Moving on, I have set up a KittyKat website and Facebook “Fan page” if you would like to check them out the link will be at the end of this post!

I wish I could put more in this post but if I spill all what will I say on Sunday and Wednesday! Also  Sunday is Father’s day so let me know and I’ll put what you’re giving and recommend your blog/business in a Facebook/blog/video post!! Also I will be at a party that day so my post might be a bit late, so I hope you don’t mind!!

Well, seeya!!


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thekittykat/465823563498749       – facebook

http://therealkittykat.webs.com/   – website

New stories, good reads and apple fresh hair.

Hello there!

 So yes, I am going to to a blog post every Wednesday and Sunday, and If there is a bank holiday Monday, then possibly a post then. Moving on, I was thinking of doing a blog story if that makes sense, a series, kind of. Also this post will be about some good books I have read, as I myself like to read blog posts about good books. And also I’ve just after having a shower so I have apple fresh hair! 😀 

  So, I thought about having a blog series, if you don’t really know what that is then check out #Jeyna Grace  ‘s blog, they have plenty of them! Anyway I haven’t really thought up what type of one I’ll be doing, so I’m open to any ideas you have! Also some good books I’ve read! I’ll just straight off give you a list then! The Hunger Games Series, Lola Rose, Double Act, Dustbin Baby, The Bed And Breakfast Show and Zeus On The Loose and the second one Zeus Returns.

 Well It’s late so I’m off to bed and I hope you had a nice weekend!s

No Tips Today!

Hello Guys,

As you guessed, there will be no cleaning your room tips today! 😦

I have been working on a minecraft map for two youtubers that I know and I’ve been sidetracked!! Anyway this is going to be a super-short post but i’ll have an extra long one for you in the morning!

                          Hope you had a nice weekend! 



I’m sorry!!

hi guys!

I haven’t posted in ages, and I’m SO sorry!I have been posting on you tube with my spare time and I just didn’t have time to post! Again, I’m really sorry. On other matters I now also have a Facebook Account and now have a special email for Kittykat! Oh yes, and about those tips for having a clean room….. Don’t worry I’m on it! I suspect they should be posted around Sunday?? 

Anyway, I have plans for posting new blog entries! I think I’ll have one every Wednesday & Sunday. If that suits, just tell me in the comment section below! You can also email me suggestions for videos, vlogs, blog posts or Facebook posts!!Or, If you have any ideas for compitions, I’d love to read them to!!! Anyway I’ll show my Email and links to my youtube channel and my Facebook page just below this paragraph. I hope you guys have a awesome weekend as it is a Friday!! 

                 Seeya later!